Verity Systems’ Crunch 250 Hard Drive Destroyer sets New Industry Precedent with Live Data Destruction Auditing

Earlier this year, Verity Systems announced the launch of its newly revamped Crunch 250 Hard Drive Destroyer with a see-through door showing hard drives getting crushed in just seconds. The new units raised eyebrows in the industry at this year’s NAID Expo event in Denver where recyclers were looking to see the latest gizmos and improvements from the manufacturer – famous for its designs and unique data destruction machines.

Verity Systems’ Crunch 250 HDD destroyer, unlike other competing products on the market, allows operators to place the hard disk in the unit and watch them get crushed live, and with data auditing fully integrated.

The hard drive is destroyed in under 10 seconds, and the 2019 edition of the Data Destruction Auditor software gives businesses the edge when it comes to data compliance. With live analytics and a suite of tools that offer companies the ability to measure their data destruction efforts, it’s one of this year’s recommended units for those wishing to take extra steps in removing old hard drives, and safely recycling them.

As data privacy and protection becomes increasingly important, organizations that handle and process data are under increased scrutiny. Solutions like hard drive destruction give businesses another layer of protection for their own customers, and employees.

Data destruction can involve several steps but often the most secure way to remove data is to first degauss a hard drive volume, and then to destroy it. Once a hard drive is safely destroyed it can be easier to remove and then disposed of.

As more and more customer data ends up on old hard drives, companies can take advantage of hard drive crushing solutions that allow live data auditing. This ensures that businesses have a complete overview of what has been processed and destroyed so that there is no added risk of hard drives being left around the office, or on worksites without being properly destroyed. And with auditing, the hard drive destruction process can be verified by government regulators and law enforcement for total transparency.