Trust Automation Launches New Division To Convey Next Generation of Cyber Defense Technologies For Industrial Controls

Trust Automation Inc., a provider of automation systems for defense and industrial applications, has made a new working division that will create and convey the next generation of cyber defense technologies.

Called Trust Intelligence Systems, the new division is commercializing the Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS), which utilizes propelled machine learning procedures and specific sensors to identify and moderate cyberattacks on industrial control systems. Trust Intelligence Systems is putting forth AICS under an exclusive license from the United States Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, which built up the technology to secure defenseless vitality, water and industrial infrastructure.

Trust Intelligence Systems is additionally creating military cyber defense systems that expand upon Trust’s demonstrated involvement with advanced signal processing, sensing and energy-management systems—just as the organization’s capacity to solidify these systems for war zone use.

“The common thread running through Trust Intelligence Systems is the extension of our core engineering competencies with recent advances in computing and machine learning. Our mission is to create powerful cyber defense systems capable of protecting our warfighters in the field and our citizens at home,” says Marc Takken, the division’s Executive Vice President.