The year of automation : 2020?

HME suppliers will dive further into mechanizing their organizations in 2020, predicts Brightree’s Rob Boeye.

With that in mind, Brightree has devoted extra assets in the new year to helping suppliers mechanize their organizations by upgrading their product arrangements, they says.

“Providers are pretty good from a billing solution standpoint,” said Boeye, official VP of HME. “The need for continued automation is in intake, inventory management and patient engagement. This is the next frontier.”
Boeye developed HME suppliers computerizing these regions of their business:

The Holy Grail

Tending to one of the business’ greatest agony focuses, Boeye predicts suppliers will start utilizing their product answers for totally redesign their referral consumption forms in the new year.

“Our goal in 2020 is to minimize the back and forth between the referral source and the provider, or allowing it to all happen electronically,” they said. “As we know, it’s a heavily paper-centric process right now. Reducing that is going to be a big win for our customers.”

Clingy connections

Boeye predicts HME suppliers will be speedier to use quiet commitment applications in 2020. Brightree propelled Patient Hub, a portable application that computerizes and rearranges how suppliers interface with patients, in late 2018; it had around 250 supplier clients in late 2019.

“Patient engagement apps in our industry are fairly new, but more and more providers are figuring out ways to use them,” they said. “When they do, it takes that headache away from the referral source, because the patient is engaging directly with the provider, instead of calling the referral source. And it’s not just our app—we’ll integrate with whatever turns out to be the best solution for the industry. We want what makes the provider stronger and helps them develop stickier relationships with their patients.”

The P word

Boeye predicts suppliers will profit by expanded usefulness in their product arrangements in 2020, thanks to some extent to expanding vital organizations. They says more organizations are presently drawing nearer Brightree looking for combinations than in the previous six years they have been there.

“We want to integrate with the best partners to give our customers the best solutions,” they said. “We’re seeing people weekly, coming to us with great automation and technology tools, and we plan to continue to leverage that.”