Sonos Beam is $50 off in time for the Super Bowl

On the off chance that you need to enhance your TV’s worked in speakers, which are probably going to be terrible, there are a great deal of approaches to do it. The Sonos Beam soundbar is one of them, and beginning today (until February third), Amazon is decreasing its expense to $349 for a reserve funds of $50.

The Beam is Sonos’ most reasonable soundbar by far, and it’s made slightly less expensive by this deal. Its great looks and a couple of special highlights make it worth considering over less expensive soundbars. In the first place, it’s a savvy speaker and soundbar folded up into one that bolsters Alexa voice commands, and Google Assistant is gradually yet without a doubt on its way. When it’s connected to your TV’s HDMI ARC port (most, yet not every single, ongoing Tv have one), Alexa can control your TV on and off, and you can without much of a stretch control the volume of your TV directly through this Sonos soundbar.

The Sonos Beam likewise supports AirPlay 2, Apple’s Google Cast equal that permits PC and macOS PCs and gadgets with iOS 11 (and more up to date) to stream music from most music spilling applications without turning the TV on. However, as Nilay Patel expressed in the audit, this soundbar is better at piping out TV sound than it is at music playback. Here’s more from Nilay:

When you have everything set up, the Beam sounds useful for its size. In two littler lounge room spaces, the Beam more than filled the room, with excellent stereo division and a surprising presence. Sonos doesn’t claim the Beam is intended for anything bigger than a medium-sized room, yet it likewise completed a fine employment with general TV sound and music in an extensive open-plan lounge room.