SenSen Networks reports Gemineye AI-powered cell phone application for Smart Cities

Artificial intelligence solutions supplier SenSen Networks has declared the launch of the AI-powered cell phone application Gemineye, which offers governments, municipalities and cities worldwide a cloud-based smart city platform in the palm of their hands.

Gemineye is intended to power the future of smart cities by making operations related to civic compliance, asset management, traffic data collection and analysis, security and surveillance more accessible and versatile. The application does as such by using its AI-powered process automation software, which can pull data from video, sensors and other information focuses to transform exceptionally work escalated errands into automated procedures.

By making this technology accessible through a cell phone application, SenSen is attempting to support governments and municipalities decrease their capital consumption and cut the expenses of keeping up smart city infrastructure and analysis solutions, such as specialist, and vehicle-mounted cameras.

Gemineye will dispatch at first with two core services – parking enforcement and real-time illegal dumping detection.

The way the application works is, municipalities or government operators select the service they require through the Gemineye cell phone application. The cell phone will at that point start to analyze feeds from its sensors and cameras in real time, using SenSen’s AI-powered software. It will at that point send just the exercises and proof important to SenBOS, SenSen’s cloud-based and web-facilitated back office stage, for associations to confirm.

This will enable municipalities deploy a self-powered, AI-driven, video investigation platform to address their most pressing challenges, such as illicit dumping.

Through Gemineye, municipalities be told progressively when somebody is directing illicit action, and it additionally captures all the data they require to legitimately authorize consistence with local laws.

Gemineye will likewise at first launch with a solution for effective parking enforcement. Clients essentially mount their cell phone on the dashboard of their vehicle or in their grasp while walking, and Gemineye’s AI-powered software will perceive vehicles parked and whether they encroach on parking limitations.

Gemineye’s open API’s incorporate with third-party software platforms, to convey coordinated end-to-end solutions for smart cities. SenSen is as of now working with parking solution providers to provide an integrated, digital parking management solution.