Rezo.AI uses WhatsApp Automation to help brands transform customer experience

Rezo.AI, an AI-driven platform, is disrupting the customer services segment in India with its cutting-edge technology, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for WhatsApp Automation. Leveraging the benefits of WhatsApp, Rezo.AI’s Conversational AI engine is helping brands build personalised relationships with customers without the need for human intervention.

India is by far WhatsApp’s largest market in terms of total number of users. The app, which started out as a simple instant messaging app, has changed with time and has imbibed all the essential features. Although useful for many different reasons, it can be especially useful when using it to improve customer service.The customers expect to have personalised, frictionless, on-demand and data-driven experience helping them to make a better decision. The Conversational AI powered WhatsApp bot feature, especially for enterprises engaging with customers largely through WhatsApp, has enabled pre-sales as well as post-sales customer queries over WhatsApp for multiple enterprises, by handling up to 90% of conversational traffic with personalised responses.

Rashi Gupta, Co-founder & Chief Data Scientist at Rezo.AI says, “With Rezo.AI’s deep learning platform, brands have observed not only drastic improvement in unit economics, scalable volume handling, 24×7 support but also a great customer experience with reduced wait time leading to higher lead generation. In an era where customer experience is a true competitive differentiator, Rezo.AI helps brands create customised solutions and provide real-time response to customer queries.”

Built with AI at its core, the platform incorporates Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Feedback Mechanism and other propriety algorithms to automate enterprise work flows. Rezo.AI helps enterprises understand customers at a deeper level, and predict what they really want, helping them craft campaigns and product experiences at an effective cost.