Our Authors

Sandra Wood

News Author

Sandra Wood is one of the famous English poets, painters as well as an author. She completed bachelor of engineering in mechanical field from USA University. Now she is a news author who writes news related to the latest technologies and promotes it on Manufacturingnews24.com.

Mary Powell

News Author

Mary Powell has probably known as a “news author”. She is an author of more than ten books for all ages. Her writing often focuses on technology issues and concerns. She writes news on the basis of technology as well as industry problems.

John Williamson

News Curator and Editor

John Williamson is the author of books as well as news, a highly successful and exceptionally prolific writer best known for his works. Williamson is a medical doctor and psychologist, founder of the school. Yet his passion is writing so he wrote number of books. He is working with Manufacturing News 24 as a News author as well.

Christian Baker is a professional author. He has since forayed into mystery, crime, and more topical genres, as well as screenwriting. He has been commended by critics for his gritty realism and strong dialogue. His writing style, which takes liberties with proper grammar in exchange for flow, is also unique. And now he is onboard with Manufacturing News 24 as a freelance writer.