Orbs a Package Manager for Software Delivery Automation, Launched by CircleCl

DevOps platform Circle today announced program for partnership that is new this program will open up its platform and allow third party tools to integrate with it. Moreover, the company will be launching one of its kind Orbs, which it describes as “the world’s first package manager designed specifically for configuration of software delivery automation.”

Additionally, CircleCl is very open on activity to strongly plant its stake in the rising competitive and continuous integration and delivery space. This is evident from its $31million funding round earlier this year. The partners launch includes the likes of sauce labs, Sona type, Pulumi, cypress, Jfrog and White source.

However, the probable reason was to set the stage of Orbs. Ideally the idea behind launching Orbs is to provide the company’s users the capacity to share their preferred CI/CD configurations across teams and projects by allowing them to package their commands, executors and job into a few lines of code.

Ideally its basically a method to enhance teams to automate more of their made test to deploy workflow and give their best attempts for configuring their pipelines of software. It will also be easier for new users to begin writing without having a lot of boilerplate code by the help of Orbs.

It should be noted that cicreCl will give away one of its own set of Orbs that is certified in hand with all those documented by its partners. As per the time circleCl  is providing Orbs for working with amazon’s s3 and Heroku and code deploy as samples, also the obligatory slack notification orb, circle is launching 25 packages today.

“CircleCI Orbs are the most exciting thing in the CI world since Docker containers,” said Gleb Bahmutov who is a VP of Engineering at Cypress and an early-access orbs customer and also a contributor. “From a developer’s standpoint, orbs are a much-needed improvement from the regular ‘read the docs, copy or paste example, tweak for 30 minutes until CI passes’ — an outdated workflow. It’s an absolutely incredible experience.”