Northampton County Council makes industrial hemp committee

Northampton County farmers who need to develop hemp for industrial uses will have support from county government. Northampton County Council collectively affirmed a goals building up an ad hoc committee to help direct the generation, assembling and preparing of hemp Thursday.

Councilwoman Tara Zrinski, with help from Councilman John Cusick, brought the measure that calls for three individuals from council to sit on the committee forward. The committee will get contribution from county departments, farmers and any stakeholders influenced by the generation of hemp.

Zrinski said the committee will help ranchers by enabling them to extend their crop base by developing hemp. Hemp, she included, is an economically viable and versatile crop “with almost unlimited uses.”

By making the ad hoc committee, the county could be on the front line of developing hemp to support economic improvement, Zrinski said.

Hemp got a boost on Tuesday when state Sen. Judy Schwank of Berks County reported that she had presented the Industrial Hemp Act, a bill that plans to perceive hemp as a permissible corrective cosmetic ingredient, food, food additive or herb to be directed as some other nourishment ingredient or nourishment commodity.

Schwank said hemp, which has been touted as America’s next enormous money crop, is a multi-million dollar industry. She said it is relied upon to develop because of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, which expelled hemp from the government controlled substance list.