New Tool Provides Safe Remote Equipment Diagnostics and Assistance

Met by PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, the OpX Leadership Network’s new Remote Equipment Access: Options Analysis apparatus gives a common understanding of the industry strategies for remotely getting equipment installed in manufacturing facilities.

Based on the collective experience of the OpX Leadership Network’s Remote Equipment Access Solutions Group, this discussion tool was made for production teams to consider approaches for enabling access to equipment for diagnosis, potential repair and performance improvements from remote suppliers that are not part of the client’s organization.

Customer packaged goods (CPG) organizations and additionally their providers, OEMs and service providers can profit by understanding the evaluations of skills required, costs, reliability and security to enable safe and secure remote equipment diagnostics and assistance.

“While the technologies enabling remote equipment access have been present for some time, adoption has been slow,” said Christopher Hough, general manager of ZPI, a ProMach Product Brand. “The OpX Leadership Network’s new solution can help bridge the gap and provide guidance on remote equipment access options.”

The OpX Leadership Network was established in 2011 by PMMI to guarantee CPG organizations and OEMs are well-connected and well-prepared to solve common operational challenges, make smarter decisions and achieve operational excellence.