Most recent Google Chrome beta for Android incorporates exploratory ‘dark mode’

Further demonstrating that 2019 is the year of the dark mode, Google’s most recent Chrome 73 beta for Android has uncovered an early take a gander at the mobile browser’s forthcoming night-friendly viewing option.

Having just uncovered its arrangements to convey dark mode to its macOS and Windows 10 browsers, the Android test is still in its beginning periods, possibly showing up in pop-up menus when Android 9 Pie’s ‘Night Mode’ is set to ‘Always On’ in ‘Developer Options’, as detailed by 9to5Google.

As you can see from the pictures underneath, the exploratory dark mode turns pop-up menus dark grey, rather than their usual all-white design.

In view of these pictures, unmistakably Chrome for Android’s dark mode still has far to go, with URL message as yet showing in black, making it quite difficult to peruse against a dark gray background.

Beside showing up in pop-up menus, Chrome’s dark mode is likewise supposedly missing from whatever is left of the application – if a legitimate dark mode for Google’s Android browser goes ahead, it’s expected that its regular menus, address bar and navigation section will likewise get the night mode treatment.

To try out the exploratory dark mode for yourself, you can download the most recent version of the Chrome Beta application from the Google Play Store now, however you will require a handset running Android 9 Pie for it to work.