Manhattan Associates Makes New Program to Propel Warehouse Robotics and Automation

Manhattan Associates Inc. reported the launch of the Manhattan Automation Network, a program intended to speed the advancement and execution of modern distribution center automation and robotics in partnership with leading warehouse automation solution providers. The program is intended to deliver joint solution design, integration touchpoints and implementation approaches between the industry’s leading warehouse management solution and innovative robotics providers. The Manhattan Automation Network is propelling with five debut individuals: Kindred AI, Locus Robotics, Matthews Automation Solutions, Right Hand Robotics and VCO Systems.

The ongoing development of omnichannel retail and a lack of warehouse laborers because of the healthy employment market is putting tremendous pressure on distribution centers. Accordingly, numerous warehouses are forcefully embracing automation and robotics solutions for enhancement their human workforces. Be that as it may, integrating the workflows between these automated solutions and human laborers, other automated solutions and other distribution center software can be difficult and expensive.

The Manhattan Automation Network is intended to lessen the expense and complexity of receiving warehouse automation solutions. It gives pre-built integrated flows and a proactive certification procedure to guarantee that Manhattan WMS clients gain the advantage of prebuilt integration as a strong beginning point to their automation projects, leading to a significant reduction in overall project costs.

This new program expands on Manhattan’s over 25 years of successful integration projects inside a portion of the world’s most automated distribution centers. In this time, the organization has created and refined integration abilities that drive quicker, less costly implementations. Manhattan is likewise the first organization to embed a warehouse execution system (WES) within a WMS that rapidly and flawlessly orchestrates workflows across the full spectrum of distribution center resources.

“Robotics and automation are having a more pronounced role in today’s distribution center operations,” said Adam Kline, senior director of Product Management for Manhattan Associates. “Manhattan Associates is dedicated to helping our clients continue to innovate, advance their supply chain capabilities and stay ahead of market trends. We are proud to partner with many of the world’s leading automation and robotics providers to help our users enhance their operations and embrace opportunity.”

The Manhattan Automation Network program is being uncovered for the current week at Momentum 2019, Manhattan Associates’ annual customer conference. Various Manhattan Automated Network partners are showcasing their solutions at the occasion and will partake in a panel discussion about how the most recent robotic and automated solutions are redefining the modern warehouse.