Datamine to support momentary arranging and activities the board offering with Flairbase purchase

Datamine has declared the procurement of Flairbase Inc as it hopes to additionally coordinate the organization’s Amine momentary mine arranging suite into its software offering and begin worldwide dissemination of its SIMS generation arranging and announcing framework.

The deal follows a partnership to distribute the Amine momentary mine arranging solution, Datamine said.

Situated in Montreal, Canada, Flairbase has been giving its flagship software solutions for clients in the Americas since 1993.

“Amine is an established, world-leading solution for detailed design, short term planning and survey. Its user-friendly visual interface allows you to manage your drawings, design layouts, evaluate resources, work in 3D or with 2D sections, perform automated surveys, and much more,” Datamine said.

The SIMS solution is a mine generation the board framework that monitors all mining activities, equipment, locations, individuals, and consumables, enabling clients to take control of expenses and assets. “Real time transparency and reporting provides mine operators with the essential tools to make informed decisions to optimise short term operational performance,” Datamine added.

Dylan Webb, Technology and M&A Director at Datamine, stated: “We are excited to further strengthen Datamine’s software portfolio for short-term planning and operations management. Through our previous distribution partnership, we know that Flairbase has a high quality, committed team. We are excited that the entire team, including the founders Gaetan Leonard and James Leung, have decided to stay with the business and work even more closely with Datamine to take the Flairbase technology to our global customer base of more than 2,000 sites.”