Cognizant Accelerator Launches Tech Innovation Hub In Boulder

Cognizant propelled a new global technology center and innovation hub in Boulder on Feb. 7. The New Jersey-based organization offers digital, technology, consulting and operations services and had 281,600 representatives worldwide toward the finish of a year ago and a total 2018 income of $16.13 billion. The Boulder center, which as of now employs 100, will be a piece of the Cognizant Accelerator division, and will concentrate on growing new technologies and investing in emerging external startups.

Cognizant currently has approximately 1,400 employees Colorado, and its essence in the state has developed quickly as of late with acquisitions of Englewood’s TriZetto in 2014 and Boulder’s QuickLeft in 2016.

“Colorado is home to a number of our clients, and we expect to continue to grow and invest here as both our development needs and client needs increase,” Sean Middleton, Cognizant’s senior vice president and president of Cognizant Accelerator told “Boulder, in particular, has established itself as a vibrant tech community, an ecosystem of educational institutions, start-ups and companies where innovation is flourishing. It’s an ideal environment for Cognizant Accelerator and the work we do in finding, fueling, engineering and running the groundbreaking ideas that are helping businesses around the world successfully transform to compete and win in the digital age.”