Apple isn’t Learning From its Mistake: 3 iPhone Models in 2019

Apple could be in transit to repeating similar mix-ups it made in 2018 which at last prompted a 10 percent stock value plunge on January 4.

As indicated by a report released by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to release three iPhone models in 2019. The issue is that numerous reliable clients of Apple are not constrained to move up to more up to date models on account of the solid execution and details of past models.

Apple has not authoritatively uncovered its intends to release three new models in 2019. However, in the event that it pursues the improvement of new iPhone models, following a lackluster reception of the iPhone XS and XR, it might spell trouble for the already struggling $720 billion giant.

This week, Chinese retailers have begun to sell the iPhone XR model with a 17.1 percent discount, slashing its cost from $1,036 to $858, because of an absence of demand for recently released iPhone models.

While Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, attributed the organization’s poor execution in the fourth quarter of 2018 to the potential strain among China and the U.S., analysts have said that the trade war and the decrease of the Chinese economy had insignificant effect on the sales of iPhone.

Or maybe, neighborhood investigators have revealed that the demand for less expensive options, for example, Huawei that match the specifications of the iPhone has begun to increment quickly.

The magic of Apple in previous years was its capacity to revolutionize design and technologies in mobile phones to manufacture next-generation smartphones. As the development curve of the cell phone sector plateaued, it has turned out to be trying for cell phone makers to separate more up to date models from past models and drive consumers.

As a prestigious Japanese institution Waseda University professor Atsushi Osanai stated:

“What we want from Apple is something that makes us emotional, even unconsciously—say, truly beautiful and sophisticated design that we can’t resist. Beefing up functional value, like expanding camera features, isn’t attractive because everyone else is doing the exact same thing.”

Immediately after the public letter of Tim Cook was released on January 2, The Verge social network columnist Casey Newton additionally included that as cell phone organizations achieve a stalemate in technological development and the level of innovation organizations can employ year after year declines, the desire for consumers to purchase new models on a yearly premise will normally drop.

“This was the first year in five that I didn’t upgrade my iPhone. Two reasons: – iPhone X was really, really good, and battery life is still great – The 2018 models were functionally identical to the iPhone X,” Newton said.